our mission

Our mission is to deliver scalable, secure, and affordable payment solutions that are specifically designed to meet the individual needs and objectives of each merchant.

get to know us

Hawker Payment Solutions is a rapidly growing, successful payment processing company committed to delivering secure, scalable, and cost-effective payment solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of each merchant we serve.

Hawker Payment Solutions ("Hawker") embodies the rich and diverse career journey of its founder, Geza Balassy.

Geza Balassy's career is a testament to his entrepreneurial drive and business acumen. Starting from his roots in data processing at a Fortune 500 company, he quickly realized his passion for building and growing businesses. Geza co-founded a successful B2B and B2C technology services company growing from humble beginnings in his partner's basement to a million-dollar enterprise. This venture demonstrated his ability to identify market trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Recognizing the burgeoning demand for high-speed internet, Geza pivoted to the cable installation industry, partnering with a small contractor. His strategic vision and leadership were instrumental in the company's rapid expansion, eventually leading to being brought on board as co-CEO. The business flourished into a multi-million dollar, multi-state operation, securing contracts with some of the top cable television providers in the country.

Between entrepreneurial endeavors, Geza also made significant contributions in the financial services sector. His expertise as a process improvement consultant, project manager, and AML Sanctions Advisor further solidified his versatility and adaptability in diverse professional settings.

With a deep understanding of business and a talent for recognizing opportunities, Geza chose the payments space to pursue his entrepreneurial drive; and more importantly, where he can be of meaningful benefit to fellow business owners.

Investigation, analysis, and negotiations ensued, eventually resulting in partnering with Deposyt, a leading Merchant Service Provider. Deposyt stood out because they are recognized as world-renowned payment experts and innovators focused on the merchant's needs and goals.

Our wealth of experience, knack for solving problems, incredible partnerships, and a sincere desire to help other businesses thrive, ideally positions Hawker to be your preferred payment solutions partner!